Wylie Sprinkler System Installation and Repair

If your lawn needs watering and you are thinking about choosing a sprinkler contractor in Wylie, you probably have a lot of questions.

– Do they know what they are doing?
– Can they turn up when agreed?
– Will they do the install or repair right first time, or will they have to come back to fix it?
– For a new sprinkler system installation, will they explain how to use the controller?
– Are they licensed and insured?

As professional lawn sprinkler system contractors in Wylie Texas, Collin County Sprinkler have helped hundreds of families around Wylie with just about any lawn sprinkler installation or repair, and we can surely help bring your lawn back to life.

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Lawn Sprinkler Installation Wylie Sprinkler System Installed
Each system is custom-designed by a licensed irrigator for maximum efficiency and uniform coverage. Head-to-head coverage is guaranteed and any dry spots are covered by our three-year warranty.

Mower damage is covered in our three-year warranty. If heads are properly installed, mower damage will not occur.

For long-term reliability all electric solenoid valves are installed in valve boxes and wire splices are connected with waterproof silicone-filled wire connectors – this keeps water out and stops corrosion, which could lead to problems.

For a new system you will receive a written quotation, so you will know exactly what to expect. We never ask for a deposit prior to installing a system. We will walk through the system with you after completion and upon your satisfaction present an invoice for the system.

Wylie Sprinkler Repair Service
Included is:
– Sprinkler repair of broken or leaking heads, pop-ups, rotors
– Repair of leaks in underground valves and piping
– Repairing Controller/Timer problems
– Adjusting spray pattern and span of individual sprinkler heads
– Adding extra zones and sprinkler heads
– Sprinkler Rain and Freeze Sensor Installation
– Locating and repair of electrical problems
– General Irrigation System repair

We offer lawn sprinkler system repair on Rainbird, Hunter, Automatic Rain, Irritrol, Weathermatic and all other major brands.

Our team offers a wide range of lawn sprinkler repair and installation services and are happy to fit in with your schedule as convenient. Call today!

Sprinkler System Repair