Sprinkler Installation Best Practices

lawn sprinkler installationWe locate all buried utilities and stand responsible for damage to these utilities. We cannot be responsible for any lines installed by the homeowner unless they are marked for us by the homeowner — i.e. landscape lighting or outdoor sound systems.

We use glue and primer on our fittings and pipe joints.

We install all of our pop-up lawn heads on flexible swing pipe in order to lessen the possibility of damage by heavy mowers and lawn equipment.

Mower damage is covered in our three-year warranty. If heads are properly installed, mower damage will not occur.

All electric solenoid valves are installed in valve boxes and wire splices are connected with waterproof silicone-filled wire connectors.

Each system is custom-designed by a licensed irrigator for maximum efficiency and uniform coverage. Head-to-head coverage is guaranteed and any dry spots are covered by our three-year warranty.

We never ask for a deposit prior to installing a system. We will walk through the system with you after completion and upon your satisfaction present an invoice for the system.